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A dream in which God or a divine presence is enveloped in flames represents the trials and tribulations you will face on your journey toward finding your true purpose. Turbulent times may lie ahead as you pursue your dreams and aspirations. However, your valiant efforts to extinguish the fire indicate your determination and resilience in overcoming these challenges. This dream serves as a powerful symbol of eventual victory, reassuring you that you possess the strength and capability to navigate any obstacles or difficulties that come your way.

May cast a shadow of self-consciousness upon the dreamer, highlighting their awareness and sensitivity towards their physical form, inviting them to embrace self-acceptance and celebrate the unique beauty that resides within.

Visualizing yourself as a clown or wearing the attire of a pierrot typically carries negative connotations in the realm of dreams. It foreshadows hardships and tragedies, often with you playing a central role in the unfolding drama. Your personal involvement in these challenging and distressing events may significantly impact your overall happiness and life satisfaction. Although the exact cause of these hardships may not be clear from this symbol alone, it suggests that someone you trust may disappoint or harm you in some way.

The attempt to leave or escape a building represents your rebellious nature. Authority figures in your life may be guiding you toward paths they believe will lead to a better future for you and your cousins. However, you have your own plans and ideas. This dream scenario indicates your resistance to conforming to their expectations. The winged creature or female figure that instills fear represents someone you hold in high esteem and whose disappointment you fear. This internal conflict arises from wanting to assert your independence while seeking approval from those you admire.

Witnessing an unknown figure tending to a garden in the realm of dreams symbolizes unwavering hope for the best that life has to offer. Your positive outlook serves as a driving force, propelling you toward the realization of your goals and aspirations. By prioritizing your objectives, you will find that they align harmoniously, leading to the outcomes you have long desired.

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