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Dream with A car on fire DREAM MEANING>

''What does it mean to dream about a car on fire? In this short video I will explain it to you What does it mean to dream about a car on fire? In dreams all vehicles and forms of transportation are reflections on how we are moving through life right now. They may indicate our “speed” while we go through some life path and how much we are thinking about issues and things, or how we are dealing with emotions. Therefore, seeing a car may represent an opportunity to move way faster than we usually do towards our goals. But what happens when this car is on fire? There are 2 meaning: A car moving but on fire, represents taking responsibility for your actions. The damage is done, someone got hurt, yes, you need to take responsibility if that is the case, or the person that you know is who caused this. A car crash on fire is instead a warning to slow down. Moving so fast may not be as good as it seemed at first. So, reflect on what you are doing and really think a bit more about it. All in all, this is not a bad dream nor is a message that anything bad will happen. It is just your mind doing a quick test on how things may work for you if you do not slow down. #car #fire #dream

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My name is Juan Arbeláez and I'm here to interpret your dreams for free. I've been doing this for years as it is something that I really enjoy. My approach to dream interpretation is psychological, I don't believe in this as a "gift" but merely a form of paying attention to the symbols and metaphors that we experience ad we grow and how they get ingrained in our brains to be used as a mean to our subconscious to communicate with our conscious mind.

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