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Dream about PROPHET (Good or Bad??? Dream meanings)>

What does it mean to dream about prophet? Dreaming of a prophet is usually associated with the dreamer's quest to find wisdom and guidance in the real world. Perhaps you have uncertainties or apprehensions in terms of raising your daughter. Her presence in the dream, and the fact that the prophet is taking her away from you, reveals your own doubts about taking care of her. However, seeing yourself as you were fighting back to save your child means that you do not let problems or misunderstandings completely destroy or sever the ties that bind you. You are humble enough to own up to your mistakes and patch things up with her. A prophet in dreams alludes to wisdom and guidance. In your case, your health issues may have conjured up the prophet healing you in your dream in an attempt to shed some light on how to effectively manage your ailment. Perhaps you are afraid that your arthritis would worsen in the coming weeks and months. Hence, your subconscious may be assuring you that with faith and proper self-care, you can improve the condition you suffer from. #prophet #dream #meaning

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