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''What does it mean to dream about doing Puja? In this short video I will explain it to you What does it mean to dream about doing Puja? Dreaming that you are doing puja could mean a sign of a great emotional relief taking place in your life soon which would lead to a much more joyful existence after a period of suffering. The dream may be telling you that you would be experiencing peace of mind in your waking life and your hopes and wishes would be answered. Rejoicing for the good times would be yours once again. Keep the faith, things happen at their perfect time

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Juan David Arbeláez

Magician, Psychic Entertainer & Mentalist, Keynote Speaker, Author and Dream Interpreter

My name is Juan Arbeláez and I'm here to interpret your dreams for free. I've been doing this for years as it is something that I really enjoy. My approach to dream interpretation is psychological, I don't believe in this as a "gift" but merely a form of paying attention to the symbols and metaphors that we experience ad we grow and how they get ingrained in our brains to be used as a mean to our subconscious to communicate with our conscious mind.

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