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Sex dream meaning - Dream interpretation of making love and sex in a dream>

''What does it mean to dream about making love or having sex in dreams? If there is something in this world that we as humans crave it is love, and when it comes to making love, we all agree that it is one of the most wonderful sensations that we get to experience. However, when it comes to dreams, dreaming about making love is not always rewarding, as sometimes it leaves us with a feeling of restlessness rather than fullness. What does it mean when you dream about making love? For the vast majority of people, sex is not the same as making love, so the interpretation of these bed dreams vary greatly depending on the type of emotions then you end up experiencing in the dream. The meaning will also depend a lot of the person with whom you make love: Is it your partner? it is a stranger? Is it a friend, an acquaintance or a person of your same sex? Is it a thing? In principle, dreaming that you make love does not have great sexual connotations. Sex in dreams are usually related to emotional deficiencies or needs that you have in your waking life. Also, the person with whom you make love, does not imply sexual desire. Instead this represents admiration on your part. So, if you dream that you make love with your co-worker or with your best friend or with your sister's boyfriend, do not look for strange meanings, it's simply that there are some qualities that you admire about those people. Also, be aware that if you dream that you make love with someone who is not your partner this does not represent nor is a premonitory sign of infidelity, however it may be a good idea to check your relationships because you may be wanting to change in some aspects. And if what you dream is that you are making love with a celebrity, enjoy it, what is that such celebrity has that you would like to implement into your life, what are the traits that make him or her successful? Copy those and being to replicate them (that’s a key to their success). But what if you dream about making love to a person who you don’t know? As I said at the beginning, sex dream mare usually related to emotional deficiencies or needs. This does not imply a need for sex, but maybe your subconscious is telling you that it would be a good idea to open yourself to others. We as humans need to connect, no one is an island. Believe me, most of the people out there, are good people. And if you have been emotionally hurt in the past, that does not mean that you will be hurt today. Open up your feelings, and be surprised Subscribe, leave me a comment explaining it (a short comment please) and I’ll interpret it for you. See you later and keep on dreaming! This video was made for #PsychicAdvice #DreamMeanings #TarotReadings

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